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Turf Services & Insect Control in Hainesport, New Jersey

Maintain a beautiful, green lawn with lawn and turf services from Delaware Valley Spray Service Inc. in Hainesport, New Jersey. Our services include liming, fertilization, insect control, and more.

Lawn & Turf Liming

Liming is a process where pelletized materials are applied to adjust soil pH and improve soil texture and drainage. It also makes other nutrients available to grass plants.


To fertilize your lawn and turf, we apply a granular or liquid material that contains the necessary major and minor elements to ensure good plant health, vigor, and color. You'll love the way your lawn looks after this service.

Broadleaf Weed Control

To control common and difficult broadleaf weeds, we apply a liquid material. This material is very effective.

Green Grass, Insect Control in Hainesport, NJ

Crabgrass Control

To control pre- and post-emerged crabgrass, our experts apply a granular or liquid material. Usually, we recommend two applications to ensure
satisfactory results.

Fungus Control

Don't let fungi destroy your lawn. Let our experts apply a liquid material that controls most common lawn diseases.

Lawn and Turf, Delaware Valley Spray Service Inc., Hainesport, NJ

Insect Control

When you notice surface and soil insects, such as grubs, chinch bugs, and sod webworms, call on our company. We apply liquid or granular materials to control these harmful pests.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is a mechanical process that removes cores from the soil to provide air, water, and nutrient infiltration to the turf root system. Your turf will look fantastic after this service.


Seeding is a mechanical process that introduces seeds into the soil by means of a slit-seeder or over-seeder. This process ensures good seed-soil contact on both new and existing grass areas.

Lawn Renovation

When you have poor turf, let us restore it for you. We use a mechanical process that includes removing thatch, core aeration, and overseeding. This service may require eradication of existing grass prior to seeding process.

Turf Growth Regulators

Applying turf growth regulators to your property helps reduce annual mowing and clipping disposal costs. We offer professional application of this material for an affordable price.

To learn more about our lawn and turf services, schedule an appointment with us in Hainesport, New Jersey.